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Runway to Room

It's a great foundation for adding and changing accessory items, just as you might add and change out accessory items in a wardrobe. I found this idea successfully expressed by designer Meenal Bishnoi in her Maison Marigold blog.

Blogging is a small world; headed to Austin, Texas one day I was searching for things to do and stumbled upon a story about how trees outside the Blanton Museum of the University of Texas were subject to a "yarn bomb" of knitted wrappings. The blogger who posted this is a designer who lives in Delhi, India. Intrigued, I have been following Meenal since that date. One of my favorite posts is her "runway to room" ideas and the way she has interpreted wardrobe style to home style. These are similar treatments in terms of function; most interior designers and decorators start with floors, walls, and windows, and add accessory items, just as most fashion designers will start with a dress or skirt/pants and top and accessorize with scarves, belts, shoes and bags. These photos might inspire a new look. Click on these links below! Thanks for the great ideas, Meenal.
Posted on 2011-07-03 under design